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Its a brave new world, and at its forefront is the immense power of the internet. Never before has information be so easily accessible, which presents a diverse array of possibilities - and risks. Having the right online presense is essential for modern business, and maintaining your brand online across numerous platforms and mediums has never been more important.

BAM Creative Studio specialises in online solutions, from your basic online presence, to sophisticated web applications and products.

We also keep our finger on the pulse of social media and online networks, assisting our clients to keep in front of the crowd and maximise their online effectiveness. We follow a 5 stage project management methodology for each assignment, ensuring we offer every client the ultimate online experience that not only meets, but exceeds every expectation. These 5 stages are: 



No one knows your business like you do. The foundation to every successful project is the ability to listen and interpret your needs, wants, desires and ideas into a mind blowing online experience.  This is where we start, with extensive consultation, capturing every detail to ensure that the end result encapsulates everything you need, exceeding your every expectation. Generally we will do this over several face to face meetings, or can utilise conferencing services such as Skype, Lync and if there is a vast distance between us. 



Every great feat of man is maticulously planned, from the ancient pyramids, to modern wonders like the Guggenheim Museum in Spain - nothing is built without a plan. Once we have listened to your needs, we fastidiously plan every aspect of your project. In fact, the plan has even started before the planning (planning is part of the plan - now does that blow your mind?!). We provide our clients with a project plan which outlines all phases, dates, expenses, risks and contingencies. We then use project management software and tools to assist us manage this plan into fruition.



Next, its time to pick up tools, and the work begins. BAM Creative studio utilises the latest web technologies to provide our clients and their customers with the ultimate online experience. From content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla and Wordpress, to e-commerce systems such as Magento and Prestashop, we are experts at web technology. Occasionally, we identify a clients need that reaches beyond the capabilities of standard web CMS's, and this is where projects get really exciting! At BAM Creative Studio, we love to build custom web applications and systems that provide our clients with a system that meets their exact specifications, creating an experience for your customers that is uniqely and unmistakably yours. 



Our delivery model incorporates extensive developer testing, as well as a user acceptance testing process that ensures our delivery to market is smooth and precise. Once the build of your project is completed, tested and approved, we deliver every aspect of your project quickly and efficiently. This can include website and web application launch, social media platform launches or updates, and other marketing and branding activities that may be incorporated into your project plan. 



Like that sexy new car you have just bought, your website, social media channel, or web application will need a bit of a tune up over time. This is an essential component of your online business experience, and BAM Creative Studio offers maintainance services for all of our clients. Different levels of maintainance will be required depending on the features and functions of your online ecosystem. This will be outlined in your project plan, and will ensure your investment is well looked after, backed up and kept up to date.

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